Price Guide

Prices are based on a 3 layer vanilla, chocolate or lemon cake filled with buttercream and/or fruit preserves, covered with fondant or buttercream frosting. The cake will come on a thick cake board finished with matching ribbon, and ready for transportation in a cake box.

Other flavors are available. Please ask for a price as the cost can vary for different ingredients and amounts used.

Decorations such as models of characters, sugar flowers and custom designed cakes are charged at different costs and will be quoted personally based on individual design.
Please use the 'contact me' facility for your personal quote and check date availability.

The cake portion price guide is worked out on party sized portions of cake- 1inch by 2 inch piece. The portion guide is approximate and advice can be given on cake cutting to achieve the stated portions. If larger portions are wanted, use the contact page to get advice if needed.


6” 12 portions - Prices from $30
8” 24 portions – Prices from $60
10” 38 portions – Prices from $95
12” 56 portions – Prices from $140
14” 78 portions – Prices from $195
16” 100 portions- Prices from $250


6” 18 portions – Prices from $45
8” 32 portions – Prices from $80
10” 50 portions – Prices from $125
12” 72 portions – Prices from $180
14” 98 portions – Prices from $245
16” 128 portions- Prices from $320

Carved 3D cakes are available. Please contact for price.
Giant Cupcake serving approximately 16 to 20 people. Can be customised with your own design and colors. Prices start from $45.


Cupcakes are sold in boxes of 6 or 12. Minimum order is 6 cupcakes of the same flavor. Sold in cake boxes finished in ribbon. Please see ‘Cupcake’ page for flavors. Box of 6 $18